Thursday, 24 January 2013

Derwick Associates Funds School Projects

Helping with Social and Welfare projects is a cause close to our hearts here at Derwick Associates. This is why we created the Hermogenes Lopez Foundation, and have helped with many different causes since its creation. The aim of the Foundation is to help with any notable causes such as charities, sports, artists, culture and educational.

The projects that we help with the Foundation are completely comprehensive, and we always get involved in them. Not only do we construct the building blocks of the schools and centres, but we also monitor their progress and make sure that the communities are incorporated into the project. The reason why we do this is so that we know that the projects will continue to grow over time.

The Derwick Associates foundation is non-profit and helps individuals, communities and families across the country with education, sports and job prospects. Our projects include the creation of the Carmen Salles School in Ciudad Bolivar on behalf of Congregación de las Religiosas Concepcionistas de la Enseñanza. We are so proud of this project because it meant that around 1600 students in the city of Nazareth had access to educational facilities.

We also donated 200 school kits to children in Charallave with the aim of increasing and improving the educational resources available to these families. Those schools which are close to any Derwick Engineering Project are those that we take the biggest interest in.

Another cause helped by the Foundation was the building of a football field, designed to provide recreational and leisure space for families and the community. As well as encouraging being active, we also take part in the Loyola-Tauca project. The main aim of this project is to ensure that all of the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of Puerto Ordaz are protected and preserved.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Energy Company Derwick Associates Helps Communities

Helping communities and individuals is something of utmost importance for Derwick Associates, a leading energy company. Although their main field of expertise is in energy power plants, they are also dedicated to social and environmental protection. In addition to financial support and donations they also spend their time helping individuals and communities in need.

CEO Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and VP Pedro Trebbau Lopez have created the Foundation Hermogenes Lopez to help people who live in the vicinity of a Derwick Associates power plant, by creating a positive impact in their lives. This non-profit organisation works nationwide to help families and communities by providing them with educational and sports facilities, as well as encouraging increased work ethic and the safeguarding of indigenous people. The Foundation allows the projects to come to fruition as well as providing continued support to ensure the long-term viability of a project.

Derwick Associates have become involved in projects such as constructing the Carmen Sallés School in Ciudad Bolivar, which aims to educate 1,600 children. They have also supplied school uniforms for 200 children at the El Saman de Caujarito Community in Charallave. This particular community located in the vicinity of La Raisa power plant, one of Derwick Associates major power generation projects.

Derwick have also funded the "Plan I" soccer field in the community of Caucaguita, Estado Miranda. The aim of this was to provide a safe place for children and young people for leisure and recreation.

They have also created the Derwick Turbine Technology Center, in Guacara in the Estado Carabobo. The aim of this centre is to help with the technological development of the country, by building a workshop giving the ability to repair parts, as well as welding and surface treatment.

Another cause close to the hearts of CEO Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and VP Pedro Trebbau Lopez is the safeguarding of Indigenous People. This is why they assist with the Loyola Project Support Tauca in Puerto Ordaz. This project was created to protect old age cultures and traditions, and was developed by the Loyola Gumilla College.