Monday, 10 June 2013

Solar Energy vs. Windmills: A Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages by Derwick Associates

Derwick Associates Venezuela agree that two of the most popular forms of green energy are windmills and solar panels. Investors and governments all over the world are after them. There are a few differences between solar energy and windmills in their efficiency, level of environmental impact, and certain other aspects. In this article, you will find the major differences between these technologies.

Solar Panels

According to Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez , here are the major advantages of solar energy:

  •  Solar energy is completely pollution-free. Since solar panels do not create any gas, smoke, or greenhouse gases, there is no environmental impact.
  • A number of developments in the science of solar energy have resulted in higher power output per panel.
  • Solar power systems do not need much maintenance. Once installed, they continue to give out energy for life. As long as the sun is there, solar power systems will work.
  • You can either connect your home to a solar power grid or have solar panels installed on top of your house (if your home is in a remote location). Hence, solar energy gives flexibility to the consumers.
  • This form of energy does not need to be converted for certain purposes, such as indoor and outdoor lighting, heating, etc.
  • Solar energy will not create any rapid changes in price, according to Derwick Associates

Albeit, there are a few disadvantages as well to solar energy systems. Here are some of them, according to Derwick:

  • Solar systems cannot work in the night, and their efficiency goes down dramatically in cloudy weather conditions.
  • Solar energy is widely known to be more inefficient than other forms of energy. A panel usually converts about 22 percent of the sunlight that falls on top of it. However, there is ongoing research and development in this field that will result in better output from panels.
  • Storing solar energy for future use is difficult with the current technology. Batteries for storing solar power are massive and costly, and hence they are not equipped to handle most scenarios.
  • Installation of solar panels requires a large investment. This is one reason why solar systems are not yet popular.
  • Solar panel systems work the best on sunny days, but hot weather usually results in lower output.
  • Traditional solar panels made by crystalline silicon are more efficient, but they are very bulky as compared to newer, thin-film solar panels. This means, today’s solar panels are either lightweight or efficient, but not both.

Wind Power
Another option as shown by Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, a windmill, which converts the energy from the wind into electricity, is a great source of green energy. Like solar power, windmills also get great attention from investors and governments. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of wind power.

  • A windmill does not create any pollution. It does not generate smoke or greenhouse gases that negatively   affect the environment.
  • Capturing energy from the wind is very easy and effective with the modern technology.
  • The land on which a wind turbine is established can still be used for other purposes like agriculture. This is not true in the case of solar farms. In addition, many people believe windmills give an aesthetic look to the landscape.
  • It is easy to build wind farms in remote areas not connected to the nation’s main power grid.
  • Since the wind is the only raw material, and it is available everywhere, windmills can power any location in the world.
  • Wind turbines come in all sizes and shapes. It is hence easy for both people and businesses to use them for power.

However, there are a few disadvantages as well to this type of power. Here are a few of them, according to Derwick Associates:

  • The power output of a windmill is usually not constant. It tends to be unsteady depending on the strength and velocity of the wind in the location.
  • Although they are more efficient than solar power, windmills do not measure up to the efficiency of fossil fuels.
  • Windmills tend to make noise pollution, and hence they are not appropriate for areas where people live.
  • Windmills are as costly as solar panels, and they need high maintenance cost as well.
  • Wind farms tend to kill birds on occasion, and that is not in anybody’s best interest.


Pedro Trebbau Lopez agrees that windmills and solar systems are expected to change our world dramatically. However, they require further research and development. Solar panels need to provide more output per surface area, while windmills should be able to contribute more power even at erratic wind velocity.