Saturday, 2 February 2013

Derwick Associates Dedicated To The Safeguarding Of Indigenous People - Pedro Trebbau López

Derwick Associates Venezuela

Leading energy company Derwick Associates, Venezuela talks about the projects their non-profit foundation supports.

The company are dedicated to helping social and charitable projects, so they created the Hermogenes Lopez Foundation, which helps communities, families and individuals across Venezuela. The foundation is non-profit and works nationwide to help people get more education, as well as sporting facilities and opportunities for jobs.

One project that the foundation supports is the Loyola-Tauca Project in Puerto Ordaz. This project works with locals and colleges to continue the safeguarding of the indigenous people of Venezuela. They ensure that old age cultures and traditions are preserved, as well as taught in colleges and schools.

Derwick Associates assisted the project by providing transport facilities for the students of the Loyola College to get to the Indigenous University of Venezuela. By doing this, they were able to raise awareness of the indigenous cultures to the college students, and in turn, ensure that the cultures are protected in the future.

The project includes educating students from the Loyola College Gumilla about old age traditions and the culture of the indigenous people. One student who was involved in the project said that it was an important experience because it brought them out of their virtual world. The project is not only to be amongst the indigenous people of Venezuela, but it is also intended for prayer and a spiritual experience for all those involved.

Vice President of Derwick Associates, Pedro Trebbau López, said of the project, “It’s important for us here at Derwick to be a part of projects like this, because our heritage is something should be learnt by everyone, of all ages. This is why the safeguarding of the indigenous people of Venezuela will always be something that we support. Projects like this are one of the main reasons why we created the Hermogenes Lopez Foundation, to ensure that our cultures and traditions are not forgotten.

We will continue to help projects like this as much as we can, as we are passionate about being as philanthropic as possible, in terms of being environmentally and social conscious.”

Derwick Associates and the Hermogenes Lopez Foundation are always looking to help any social, ecological or charitable causes, especially local to their power plants in Venezuela.