Monday, 20 May 2013

Derwick Associates Venezuela - Life of Nuclear Power Plants

Even with major nuclear disasters in the past most experts agree that this type of power is extremely safe, especially when considering how much cleaner it is than traditional power sources like coal. When the world’s first nuclear power plant opened in 1954 in the Russian city of Obninsk it was a truly revolutionary way to make power. This power plant ran for four years before the second nuclear power plant opened.Derwick Associates Venezuela, Today, however, there are 440 commercial nuclear power plants in operation and many new ones being constructed across 30 countries.

Most of the nuclear power plants constructed more than ten years ago were designed to run for about forty years before they would be decommissioned. Surprisingly, very few of the components of a nuclear power plant were specifically designed to be able to be replaced to help extend the life of the power plant. Due to the fact that this source of power has been proven safe and effective, however, both private companies and governments have been working hard to help extend the life of these power plants. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Replacing Non-Replicable Parts

In the past several years companies have taken up the task of figuring out how to replace turbines, lids and other parts in these power plants because they are beginning to wear out due to the incredible heat and radiation exposure they are subjected to. Derwick, The main obstacle is that these parts were not designed to be replicable so there are no existing instructions for how it can be done.

With new power plant construction costing millions of dollars, however, it is well worth the investment to have new parts constructed and installed since it can extend the life of a power plant significantly. In fact, most countries which have existing nuclear plants have already approved the use of these types of parts, and once it is done they will extend the licenses for these plants to run an additional thirty to fifty years so it is clearly a wise investment.

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