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Derwick Associates and Renewable Energy

Derwick Associates Venezuela

Fossil fuels are the most common energy source used by people today. However, there are other sources of energy that are cleaner and plentiful than oil and gas. Derwick Associates believe they will be the sources of energy that help us get to work, keep our houses warm and keep the city lights on at night. Derwick Associates, Pedro Trebbau Lopez asks: What are these alternate sources of energy that scientists are currently studying?

Wind Energy :

It is estimated that there is enough wind being generated on Earth to provide power to everyone on the planet. Wind energy is produced by large windmills that convert the wind into electricity. However, it takes hundreds or thousands of windmills in one location to provide the power needed to power even a single community. One goal that scientists are chasing is to harvest wind energy from the upper atmosphere. That is where the majority of the wind originates on Earth. As part of their consulting experience, Derwick Associates can provide guidance on Wind Energy as a renewable source of energy.

Solar Energy :

For plants, sunlight is the main energy source that allows them to grow. For humans, the sun could also be a valuable energy source that could provide cheap power to millions of people. While solar power has already been proven to be a viable way to power our homes, government regulations have made it more expensive to produce solar panels.  At Derwick Associates be believe that until policies change, it may be decades before solar power becomes a mainstream energy source.

Geothermal Energy :

Geothermal energy technology basically takes heat naturally generated underneath the Earth’s surface and uses it to provide cheap and efficient heating. Many homeowners in recent years have taken advantage of geothermal heat pumps to warm their homes in the winter and then cool their homes in the winter. It can also provide hot water to showers and wherever else hot water is needed.

Hydroelectric Energy :

Water is an amazing source of energy. When water gets moving fast enough, it can power the machines needed to transport electricity to people all around the world. The best part is that it rains almost everywhere on Earth. This means that there is the potential for a pond or a lake just about anywhere on the planet. Those living in poor countries may be able to tap into this cheap and efficient source of energy in the future.

Biomass Energy :

This type of energy is stored in plants and animals until they die. Examples of biomass include burning sugar cane, corn or cow dung. These energy sources are natural and abundant throughout the planet. In fact, it is one of the most popular energy sources on Earth today. Corn and sugar cane are currently being used to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

There are many different types of alternative energy sources that could one day reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. Future wind and solar power systems would be able to generate as much power as we need without releasing as much carbon dioxide into the air. That would create less pollution and make the air easier for everyone to breathe.

Derwick Associates is a company of integral services that offers solutions ranging from the simple supply of equipment for energy plants to the installation of power plants.

Derwick Associates has a wide range of capabilities that include: engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance.

In this way, Derwick Associates is responding effectively to the worldwide demand increase of energy by supplying highly reliable and efficient energetic solutions; always giving special consideration to its social and ecological impact.

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